Vogt Awards 2016.


One of the amazing things about working in experiential design is the incredible people we get to partner with. Ashley Lamb-Sinclair came to Kale & Flax with a simple idea, which quickly turned into a long-lasting partnership that we hope will make a big impact in education. Since August, we have been knees deep in the details of branding, designing and developing Curio — an app for teachers to discover, curate, and collaborate on new ideas and strategies for the classroom.

Curio was on of the six recipients of the Vogt Awards, a $25,000 grant to help bring her vision to light, with the help of Greater Louisville Inc, EnterpriseCorp, and the Community Foundation.

We are honored, and even stinkin’ excited, to have had the opportunity to be a part of Curio from the ground level, which will truly revolutionize the way teachers collaborate and create content for their classrooms. Last week, Ashley and Tarik presented Curio at the Vogt Awards Demo Day to a room full of movers and shakers in the Louisville entrepreneurship community.

We’re excited to show you where this project is going, as it truly takes flight.

Photos courtesy of Greater Louisville Inc.