We create meaningful experiences driven by empathy, data and innovation. Now, let's dance.

Not another smoothie-joint.

Kale & Flax is a human-centered design company, led by a global mindset of “improving the world around us” one project sprint at a time. Founded in Louisville and expanding into Chicago — working anywhere we can make an impact.

We're passionate about a lot of things – driving growth, hard work, passion, imagination and taking the lead. Whether our team is shipping a mobile app to the market, or turning boring data into helpful insights to improve health outcomes, we punch above our weight and are continually learning along the way.


We believe that an authentic brands' spirit, vision, message, and useful data should not just be shared and seen, but experienced and understood. Information is truly for the benefit of humans, so why not design and plan in a way that is simple to understand, easy to find and delightful for the end user?

Break’s over. Meet the team.

From making apps, to breaking rules, our team is made up of designers, developers, writers, technologists, analysts, strategists, and overall knee-deep-in-the-dirt doers. Every project sprint maintains a project manager and client liaison, designer, developer, and strategist – occasionally, with one person wearing multiple hats because we’re all committed to the same vision.

Let’s make an impact together.

  • Tarik Nally

    Creative Principal & Founder

  • Rahman McGinnis

    Development Principal & Founder

  • Tom Fawbush

    GVP of Growth

  • Carla Dearing


  • Sy Safi

    VP of Sustainability

  • Kyle Stewart

    Head of Design

  • Laura J. Quimby


  • Jess Mays

    Design Apprentice

  • Krista Prak

    Client Partner and Strategist

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    But First, Coffee.

We pride ourselves on authenticity.

Design without purpose is just aesthetic. Data without human context is just raw information. Saying a lot means nothing if it’s not followed by even more doing. Rules are meant to be broken and nothing’s a bigger hindrance to your aspirations than blending in with the norm, sitting down instead of standing out and becoming one of ‘them’ instead of the rockstar organization that you are.

Everyone has a story, and an opportunity to bring clarity and simplicity to our sometimes chaotic world. But only a few figure out how to make an impact, and they more often than not allow their principles to guide them.