We create meaningful experiences driven by empathy, data and innovation. Let’s dance.

Not another smoothie joint.

Founded in Louisville and expanding into Chicago and Santo Domingo — we’re an unrelenting group of people working wherever we can make the most impact. As a human-centered design company, Kale & Flax’s philosophy is rooted in a global mindset of “improving the world around us.”

But we also hold tight to romantic ideals, that sometimes punching above your weight or embracing reckless abandon can lead to powerful change. Through empathy, design and thoughtful code sprints we can create solutions or experiment with new ones to help your brand engage, activate and even change lives.

tl;dr Yes, you should totally work with us.

Passionate about the things that really matter.

Driving business growth, productive ideas, untamed imagination, and leaning in and taking the lead just to name a few. Whether our team is helping a startup find their product market fit, or working with cities to turn data into helpful insights to improve health and equity outcomes, we punch above our weight and are continually learning along the way.

We’re a diverse group of creative spirits united by our passion for bringing ideas to life.

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Why We Go Wild.

Founded in 2018 by Kale & Flax, Wild is a micro-accelerator and startup initiative geared towards idea-stage and early-stage female entrepreneurs looking to snag an investment, create an initial prototype or create a focused go-to market strategy. We got together as a team and decided to sell the brand rights in 2019 to Story Louisville for the high price of $1. It was an easy decision, considering the new leadership, board members, and a forever-home in place. Wild is slated to add a second accelerator program in 2020, focus on diversity, equity and inclusion — open to men, women and non-binary entrepreneurs of color, with disabilities or who identify as LGBTQIA.

Small Thyme Investing.

We start, invest, and support wonderful early and growth businesses through our Small Thyme impact-driven fund.

Great work begins and ends with good people. So, let’s get to it.

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