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CFL Impact Report

Giving had no limits in 2020 and that's what community is all about.

A Force for Good.

Our long time friends at the Community Foundation of Louisville reached out with a new venture, to take their impact data and bring it to life in a new way. Our shared vision was to inspire our community to lean into their record-level giving during a global pandemic and lift up non-profit organizations doing the work that keeps our community moving forward.

We not only were honored with helping CFL augment over $7.7 million in donations to benefit the growth of 500 local organizations, we were granted the opportunity to provide creative direction on the report out with a focus on organizations impacting the community during the pandemic and awakened social justice challenges in our city.

We’ve Got It Covered.

We began by exploring cover concepts, in search of a visual report that reflected the spirit of Give for Good and the light and positivity it brings to the community. We began our process by exploring many different looks and feels across the spectrum to honor both the Community Foundation of Louisville brand, but also the current climate of the city, one that was hopeful for a better tomorrow when we’re all banded together.

An Illustrative Approach.

We landed on an illustrative approach which incorporated elements that celebrate community, education, equity and wealth creating, eliminating food apartheid, and access to health and workforce development. We wanted to bring an airy spirit of playfulness to the report, as we’ve lived the past year with dark clouds above our head. So much of CFL’s work is centered around youth and the future leaders of our city, so we wanted an energy that reflected the spirit of what’s to come.

Countdown to Impact.

We developed a social media rollout centered around the countdown to the big reveal, and helped the Community Foundation of Louisville reach thousands of supporters, new and old, and got them engaged in the impact analysis as a bridge to the latest Give For Good campaign beginning Fall 2021.

Ready to Give For Good?

The story of the Community Foundation of Louisville continues to grow – as does their relationship with the greater community. If you’re dedicated to making an impact in our community through charitable giving, stay engaged with the foundation at their homebase.

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