Brand Identity

Charles Booker for Senate

From the hood to the holler, with the faith of a mustard seed.

“Charles, we think you should run.”

In 2019, our team reached out to then State Senator Charles Booker encouraging him to run for U.S. Senate. Little did we know this was already on the table for him. Later in 2021, we had the privilege of collaborating with the 2022 Charles Booker for U.S. Senate campaign to represent a better future for all Kentuckians. Charles, a progressive political powerhouse, aimed to bring a fresh perspective to the political landscape throughout the bluegrass and beyond. The challenge was not only to create a compelling brand identity, using elements we had created for his inspiring campaign in 2020, but also to develop a comprehensive design and digital strategy that resonated with the diverse and dynamic demographics across Kentucky. We were tasked with translating Charles Booker’s progressive vision into a visually engaging and cohesive campaign that could connect with voters across the state — ‘from the Hood to the Holler.’

“We don’t have to build a brand, Charles’ vision for everyday Kentuckians is the brand — we’ve just got to wrap a flag around what the campaign will build to increase momentum,” were the words we lived (and cried) by. 

Hear it from Charles.

“…professional, innovative, and remarkably talented. They are exceptional at casting a vision and helping tell a story that resonates in any room. Whether it is a neighborhood project or a historic U.S. Senate race, Kale & Flax brings the design and strategy to deliver results.”

— Charles Booker

In Kentucky, many of us has the blues.

Our first step was to delve into deeply understanding what drives Charles’ core values and unique vision that set him apart. His brand identity needed to reflect authenticity, inclusivity, and the essence of ‘the everyday Kentuckian.’ We started with dynamic, forward-moving typography, symbolizing the campaign’s better-future-for-all approach. Moving to color, we began to blend the blues and goldenrods of Kentucky’s flag along with blue collar uniforms that fill up workplaces across Kentuckiana, communicating a shared sentiment of trust, stability, and optimism for our past, present and future. This visual identity aimed to evoke a spirit of Kentucky, tied to a belief that Kentucky is worth fighting for.

The New York Times was in love.

An inspired piece around AOC’s brand identity and the movement helped spark led author Shane Goldmacher to highlight our work, interviewing our Creative Principal, Tarik Nally, who added to the national discussion that the Booker campaign inspired voters to believe again in “…progress and increase and movement and upward momentum.”

No diggity. No doubt.

With a faithful, adaptable identity in play, the challenge was to ensure consistency across various touchpoints. Our team meticulously applied Booker’s reinvigorated identity across campaign materials, including banners, signage, merchandise, and collateral. We also developed a movement-making, user-friendly, campaign website that not only showcased Booker’s stance on key issues, but also provided a donor-driven strategy to bring believers in a Kentucky New Deal into the fold. Social media and donation visuals were created to maintain a cohesive language across all channels, fostering a recognizable and impactful space for Charles to share his greater vision.

The success of any modern day political movement hinges on an effective, authentic strategy. Recognizing this, our team developed a comprehensive plan that included social media campaigns, email marketing, and messaging approach that led to engaging and interactive creative, such as videos, infographics, and social posts, strategically created to communicate Charles’ message. Social media platforms were leveraged for real-time updates, live interactions, and community engagement. The campaign’s digital strategy not only amplified Charles Booker’s voice but also encouraged supporters to become active participants in the the Kentucky New Deal.

A hard fought loss, but a win for progress across the state.

The collaborative efforts between our team and the campaign culminated in a visually striking and emotionally resonant brand identity, coupled with a robust digital strategy. The results were evident in increased visibility, enhanced community engagement, and a positive powerful, tear-inducing response from voters across Kentucky. Charles’s campaign successfully established a distinctive presence, reflecting his commitment to progressivism and resonating across the electorate. The project demonstrated the power of design and digital strategy in shaping public perception and fostering meaningful connections in the realm of progressive politics. A new Kentucky was born, and one that reminded us all that ‘Kentucky Is Worth Fighting For’.

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