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The third most popular destination for music on earth is ready to take over the galaxy.

Well, it’s that they’re willing to do the work. That goes for the brilliant founders and team behind Discogs, to the incredible, creative, inspired and passionate community that over the years has built a thriving hub for all things vinyl.

Discogs’ team reached out to us when they had completed their plan to partner more effectively with creative agencies and labels. With millions upon millions of data points around artist content and discographies, Discogs set out to connect users with fresh new sponsored content to help them find more of the things they already (instinctively) like.

Bringing Nostalgia to the Future of Advertising.

Ain’t no stopping the cool when it comes to the team at Discogs.

I mean, think about it, we didn’t have to help them create a new brand, inspire or grow a new community, or work with them to fix or rethink their business model. They just needed our team to jump in and help them on a sprint so that they could reach their destination on time.

The team at Discogs’ gave us free range to use their current brand and design standards to reach agency and label heads in their network in a new and interesting way. This is hands down one of our favorite hyper-sprints we’ve done to date. We were lucky to get the opportunity to collaborate with such an internet giant and culture creator.

Cheers to the future of digital-vinyl-lovin’.