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Creating a brand that's all about preserving life comes with a certain kind of hopeful responsibility.

Light Work.

Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates reached out with a real challenge they were wrestling with. “How do we help ease the stigma around giving life, while at the same time honoring the donors and their families who have left such a special gift behind for someone else to benefit from? We spoke with countless community leaders, board members, donor families and activists across the state and identified something we would have not predicted — that in the heartache that comes with losing a loved one, there were tears of joy in knowing another family would be blessed with the gift of life through organ donation.

To begin the process of rebranding the organization and it’s message of #donatelifeky, we focused on wrapping stories of hope and promise in a spirit of embracing joy, and. ultimately, each other.

Sharing Is Simple.

We worked through countless design strategies and visual approaches, searching for the right balance of honoring all they key members that make up this special and growing community. We ultimately were guided to a type, color and brand direction that was both conversational, barrier breaking and stigma stomping, as much as it was, reflective, respectful and hopeful.

When it comes to organ donation, there are a lot of myths. Our aim was to change our community’s focus on the myths, and turn their greater attention to their legacy. Your commitment to giving life now, means your legacy lives on in the life of someone who needs it most.

Getting Digital.

We discovered a simple, and less clinical visual approach to the digital brand that took minds away from the turn-offs of big institutions processing organ donors in a complicated database, and focused our state’s hearts on the stories, dreams, and family needs of organ donor and recipient families. Everyone deserves the chance to learn about how organ donation can benefit others, so we gave them an educational pathway to learn about all the ways it can benefit them now through an energetic digital space that makes discovery and sharing with loved one’s a breeze.

Where Do We Go Next?

Only time will, we suppose. Our team is glad to have joined in such an important endeavor, and getting into this work takes patience, dedication and the desire to truly listen. This is about life. Yours, ours, everyone’s. Creating a brand that reminds us just how precious our time on earth is was the goal, and with an increase in donors and financial support we’re honored to have helped play a role. Now, are you ready to give the gift of life?

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