Brand Identity

Lens End Media

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Lens End Media, a DMV-based film and cinema production house, collaborated with our team to redefine their brand identity, design elements, and digital strategy. The objective was to encapsulate the essence of Lens End Media’s avant-garde approach to storytelling while aligning with contemporary film trends and elevating the brand’s digital presence. Our multifaceted approach addressed the intricate elements of brand transformation, ensuring a seamless fusion of creativity and technology to position Lens End Media as a trailblazer in modern day film production.

Lens End Media’s brand identity underwent a transformative journey to mirror its commitment to cinema and storytelling. Our team meticulously crafted the new brand identity, harmonizing elements of lens apertures with a sleek, minimalistic typography, symbolizing precision and modernity. The color palette, a combination of candy red and indigo, exuded sophistication, while dynamic design elements were incorporated to reflect the eccentric nature of film production. This revitalized brand identity extended to various touchpoints, including business collateral, merchandise and signage, ensuring a consistent and captivating representation across all platforms.

In tandem with the visual overhaul, our strategy focused on establishing Lens End Media as a digital frontrunner in film production. A cinema-first website was developed, featuring immersive visuals, streamlined navigation, and interactive elements to engage brand partners. A reimagined brand identity and digital strategy culminated into a cohesive visual narrative for Lens End Media. Positioning their studio at the forefront of cinematic storytelling has most recently led them to massive opportunities with the likes of Lego and the NBA.

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