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MobileServe App

The MobileServe app helps businesses, students, and non-profits, track and communicate their social impact.

Our work began with prototyping, wireframing, and user mapping to create a simple, seamless onboarding and user experience. As the project moved along, the team at MobileServe decided it was a good time to refresh the branding, as well as, begin to understand the information and data needs of the organizations and users.

Once the UI / UX of the mobile app was near completion, we began to work on the design of the web app, desktop management dashboard, data visualization, brand strategy, and more.

What we learned along the way​.

Users want digital products that integrate with their lives simply and easily – we put away the bells and whistles to focus on solving everyday problems. MobileServe’s app does just that, and we’re fortunate to get to assist in shaping their vision for the future of volunteerism.