Brand Identity

Muad Hrezi for U.S. Congress

‘Together, we will’ was the motto for this Congressional candidate.

Powered By, and For, The People of Connecticut.

In 2022, Kale & Flax had the privilege of collaborating with Muad Hrezi for his U.S. Congress District 01 campaign in Connecticut. Tasked with developing a brand identity that resonated with the progressive values of the candidate and connected with the diverse constituency of the district, our team embarked on an immersive research phase exploring the unique challenges of opportunities coming from District 01. Through in-depth interviews, stakeholder consultations, and a comprehensive analysis of the political landscape, we crafted a distinctive visual identity that encapsulated Muad Hrezi’s forward-thinking, progressive and youthful approach. The brand identity and messaging seamlessly blended modern, patriotic elements with an innovative aesthetic, utilizing a vibrant color palette that reflected the energy and optimism of the campaign.

The digital strategy played a pivotal role in amplifying Muad’s message and engaging voters across various platforms. Our team designed and implemented a user-friendly, donor-engaging online space and website that not only showcased the candidate’s policy positions but also encouraged community activism. Leveraging social media, we crafted compelling visual structures and interactive campaign messages to aid the campaign in fostering a sense of inclusivity to amplify their grassroots movement. Through data-driven targeting, the campaign optimized digital advertising efforts, ensuring that Muad’s message reached key demographics within District 01. The holistic approach of combining brand identity, design, and digital strategy resulted in a cohesive and impactful campaign that resonated with voters and contributed to Muad Hrezi’s success in the 2022 U.S. Congressional election in Connecticut.

One setback doesn’t stop the show.

Our collaboration with Muad’s campaign set a new precedent for candidates across Connecticut, with a forward moving brand identity and digital strategy that brought new constituents into the fold of Progressive issues. Increased visibility and community engagement led to a new coalition of creators and believers who will forever move the needle forward across the state and nation. Muad’s campaign successfully established a new voice for future generations of voters, demonstrating the power of design and digital strategy in reimagining the political landscape across District 01. Although legal mandates blocked the candidacy in the end, Muad set the tone for the future that, ‘Together, We Will.’