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Sports fundraising that's nothing but net.

Volley up.

Nothing should stand in the way of your team’s access to capital with the right tools in hand. Whether on or off the field, the access to capital is one click, share, and cha-ching away. Spend less time raising money and more time mopping the floor of your competition (or gracefully beating them by a slim margin).

We partnered with KY Fundraising on a mobile-first, Gen Z focused athletic fundraising app that turns parents into master funders and supporters into donors rallying around their community through the cheer wall.

We wanted to bring a new energy to their brand, lighting up the playing field with a vast array of classic sport icons and bold, bombastic colors that resonate no matter your team’s flag. The app’s user experience is driven by speed and simplicity, turning would-be donors into fast-paced card swipers and ambassadors of sport.