Brand Identity

Smartflyer Brand Refresh

Tastemakers of travel spark the takeover.

Go Somewhere Amazing.

During a time when the world had essentially come to a halt, we buckled up for a remote journey through time and space with SmartFlyer. The Australian and New York based global destination brand partnered with us a light brand refresh, taking their classic brand tones and typography, and building an initial design system to expand their aesthetic from sea to shining social media sea and beyond.

Our Journey Started with Color.

Holding their classic Jay-z Blue tones steady, we wrapped an exotic natural color palette around the brand keeping their approachable luxury feel in alignment with their spirit of adventure. This isn’t about finding a beach resort, this is about finding yourself across the world in the midst of unforgettable moments.

Getting Lost (In the Details).

We pushed their brand to a more whimsical state with movement, incorporating custom watermarks, passport stamps, and a design language suitable for those who are ready to dance with the wind above historic Italian rivieras.

Where Will You Go?

Michelin-starred restaurants, secret bars you’ve never heard about, isles you’ve never imagines. In a world where travel is shut down, working with this team showed up how important it is to hold on the future. As the world begins to open up, so does our appetite to join the SF team near and far.

Ready to turn your wheels up?