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Trager Family Foundation

Reimagining community one impact investment at a time.

The Trager Family Foundation, a philanthropic organization with a mission to create a positive impact in the realms of religion, health, education, and sustainability, approached Kale & Flax seeking a comprehensive overhaul of their brand identity. Our initial assessment involved understanding the foundation’s core values, vision, and the diverse range of initiatives they supported. With a focus on creating a cohesive visual identity that reflected their commitment to positive change, we devised a strategy that incorporated elements representing each key focus area. Our design team crafted a thoughtful brand identity, rich in meaning, that seamlessly integrated symbols associated with religion, health, education, and sustainability, fostering a visual language that encapsulated the foundation’s multifaceted mission. This approach allowed the Trager Family Foundation to communicate their values effectively and resonate with their local and regional audiences, reinforcing their dedication to holistic philanthropy.

The reimagined brand identity encompassed a harmonious color palette, typography, and a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. Each element was carefully selected to evoke a sense of trust, optimism, and inclusivity, crucial for a foundation operating in diverse social and cultural landscapes. The redesigned collateral, including stationery, digital assets and merch, presented a unified and compelling narrative about the Trager Family Foundation’s impactful work. The revitalized brand identity not only elevated their visual presence but also helped reinforce the foundation’s commitment to making a lasting difference in the areas of religion, health, education, and sustainability, effectively positioning them as a beacon of positive change.