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Sy started out building homes next to his family in Northern Kentucky, but as he ventured out onto his own, he fell in love with the idea of putting power back into the grid — building healthy, zero energy ready, water-efficient, third-party green certified homes.

Sy came to us with a grand vision – he was going to build the greenest home in Kentucky. He named it “Su Verde!” after it’s super green structure and Italianate exterior.

With hopes to spark a statewide trend, we set out to create a memorable brand and user experience that resonated. The adaptable site we’ve built will allow users to keep up with the development of his most accomplished home in Kentucky yet.

With ‘Home-a-rama 2016’ just around the corner, our next task is to create a hands-on event experience for the over 100,000 visitors who will walk through his soon-to-be award winning green home.