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Zoom Cares

Zoom Cares, and their global impact just so happens to prove it.

Amplifying Impact With Care.

Our partners at Zoom brought us in on one of the most exciting projects in our tenure — working on a standalone site experience with an illustrative campaign to tag-along. Zoom Cares envisions a more just society for people and the planet we all share, and together we used the power of human-centered design and the long lasting relationships with NGOs around the globe to begin to build the vision for the future digital home of Zoom Cares.

We began with thoughtful discovery phase including interviews with Zoom team members and external stakeholders, identifying along the way what matters most to the organizations, and how they could benefit by Zoom amplifying their story to new and vast audiences. Through discovery we identified the cultural signifigance of the spotlight staying on the organizations themselves, and Zoom’s leadership agreed and gave us the clear directive.

From their, we began to wireframe out the site user experience, while on parallel tracks, working on image moodboards and sketching illustrations to begin to help shape the visual user journey through the approach, vision, and stories that make Zoom Cares the special organization it is.

Although we leaned into Zoom’s core brand, color and typography, we were encouraged to expand on Zoom’s brand with unique design language, accents, secondary colors and UI styles to make Zoom Cares a unique experience beyond the enterprising brand.

This is a project we will hold close for years to come, knowing just how special it is to work with an organization that helps us stick together, no matter how far away we may be.

Visit the Zoom Cares site here to learn more about their important work.