TechAble Camp: Kids With Disabilities Can Design the Future.


In November, the Kale & Flax team spent the weekend down in Texas [where everything really is bigger] co-launching our first TechAble Camp, a project that is near and dear to our hearts. We helped launch this mission with Dr. Shareef to help empower children with neuromuscular disabilities. TechAble is a one day camp with workshops focusing on design and programming.

Our very own Tarik headed up the first half of the day with an interactive, app design workshop. Attendees watched a presentation that explored the possibilities of design thinking first, and then moved onto designing their own mobile app’s using donated iPads. He wanted the students to leave with the understanding that each of them has the ability to create something which is memorable, positively affects others, and has a lasting impact. The only barrier to young people with their disabilities is putting the heart into it, as the technology of today can allow them to fully be a part of the design thinking and creative process.

“We want to start neuromuscle kids on the journey of developing technology career skills. The earlier they get exposure to technology related jobs and resources the earlier they can decide to pursue them.” — Dr. Shareef

TechAble strives to show their students a series of career paths in the technology field and to provide support and resources to help them achieve their dreams.

Dr. Shareef and our team plan to continue testing this model in Dallas and before bringing these camps to other cities. If you would like to donate, learn more about what’s next for Techable, or are interested in sponsoring a camp please send us a message. We would love to hear from you.

Kale & Flax is excited to be a part TechAble’s growth, and we’d love to keep you looped in along the way.